Combo Amp Case With Optional Tilt Back Feature


Combo Amp Case With Optional Tilt Back Feature 
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Combo Amp Case With Optional Tilt Back Feature.Guitar and bass amp cases feature a 2" high density foam padded tray for maximum shock absorption. Our amp cases are designed for ease of use, with recessed handles on top and on each end. Amp head cases feature a convenient 2 latch closure, and all combo amp cases use 4 latches and heavy duty ball corners for complete security and protection from the rigors of the road. Casters are available in a variety of sizes and can be removed by using the option removable caster plates. We have specifications on file for all popular models of Mesa Boogie, Fender, Marshall, and many other amps.


* Beefy, Stackable Ball Corners
* Double Anchor Industrial Rivets
* Recessed, Industrial Grade Latches
* Recessed, Industrial Grade Handle
* Industrial Grade Rubber Feet
* Premium 3/8 inch Vinyl Laminated Plywood
* Tongue and Groove Locking Fit
* ATA 300 Rating 

If you need other colors or Size, we can also produce for you.

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