Wholesale Photo Booth of 10"*10" Room for Exhibition Use

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Why should you rent our Open Air Photo Booth? you might ask. For one, it is of such high quality that it was featured at the Red Carpet in Hollywood. When used in the open air mode, it can easily accommodate a group of 10 to 20 people. It uses a top quality 18 mega pixel HD Canon DSLR camera, unlike some other photo booths that use a basic web cam.  Our Open Air Photo Booth also allows for a short video message for the host(s) of the event, all controlled from a 15.4” wide touch screen.  It also uses a dye sublimation printer that prints the highest quality, professional lab photos without any smudging in less than 8 seconds.  We can assure you that if you give us the opportunity to be a part of your event, we will add the liveliness and entertainment that every event needs. So go ahead and try our photo booth now.
Pipe and Drape - Photo Booth Package are easy to set up and dismantle,they are lightweight and can be easily and conveniently stored and transported. Of course, these products are also very cheap- much cheaper than other booth and also recyclable.  After pipe and drape are set up, all parts of a Photo Booth is formed. Different exhibition can be well separated by the drapes and everything is kept in order.
Photo Booth (6' * 6' Room) Package
Code                                     Description                                          Qty    
RK-PBP06X06-388M         500*500*5mm  large  bases                 4pcs
                                             8-foot  uprights                                     4pcs
                                             6-foot  drape  support  rods                   5pcs
                                             8-foot  height  Rayk Velour Drapes      20pcs
Photo Booth (10' * 10' Room) Package
Code                                    Description                                             Qty    
RK-PBP10X10-388M         500*500*5mm  large  bases                  4pcs
                                             8-foot  uprights                                      4pcs
                                             10-foot  drape  support  rods                 5pcs
                                             8-foot  height  Rayk Velour Drapes       20pcs


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