LED/RGB Star Curtain for Wedding Stage Backdrop

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This LED star curtain is easy to set up, remove and pack up. The LED star Curtain Drapes are widely used in Events as stage back ground on wedding or parties. Our LED star cloth products are good in quality with top grade velour drapes, LED lamps and cable controllers. Customized star curtains are popular and sales well these days. 
- Light Weight and Small Volume 
- Fireproof ,Top Grade Velour/Velvet Curtain, Color Optional 
- High-end Look and Durable Material
- Flexible to set up and pack up  
- Each LED can be replaceable if broken   
- Application: Stage Background, Wedding, Bar & Club, Live Show, Theater, TV Station, Disco Entertainment, etc.
Item                           LED Star Cloth/Curtain/Drape
Regular Sizes(m)      2 * 3, 2 * 4, 3 * 4, 4 * 6, 4 * 8, 5 * 10
Custom Size             Yes 
Curtain Material       Flame resistant Velour/Velvet Top Grade
LED Color               White & Blue, White, RGBW, RGB, Any Single Color or Mixed Color 
As one of the best manufacturers here in China, RK has been working hard on makeing the best quality products for all the customers around the world. Our star curtain for stage background is one of our presentive products in our warehouse. You can customize your favourite style and size of curtains for your wedding or parties, as long as you E-mail to us or contact with us on the phone. We would love to hear from your consult.     



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