Portable Stage Platform of 4' X 4' X 24" Mobile Stage For moving churches
This RK Mobile Stage For moving churches folds up in a flat area and it is easy to load on to our stage carts. This stage is the easiest stage to setup and tear-down, it's so easy that only one people can finish the holding and dismounting job. Traditional stage takes at least two or three people to setup because the stage decks are separate from the legs and one person needs to put the legs in place and two people need to carry the stage to the legs. Our stage has the legs attached to the decks, and the legs have wheels on them. This allows you to setup the entire stage area with one person. There are even more features that make this the best portable stage for mobile churches, malls, live venues, etc.

Every RK Moving stage is made with high quality steel and 
3/4" fireproof plywood. We do not use any particleboard because it's not even allowed in our factory!  These quality parts make a stage deck that can hold 250lbs per square foot, that means our 4' x 4' stage decks can hold 4,000 lbs !! Want to attach skirting to your stage for that professional look? We have it too!

Any  question or requirement about this Mobile Stage for moving churches, please contact with our sale team. We are looking forward to your consult.
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