How to protect you guitar from effects of humidity?

How to protect you guitar from effects of humidity?
Here's a guide to what will happen to your guitar if it's subjected to too much or too little humidity, and what level of humidity is too little or too much: Effects of Humidity on Acoustic Guitars

Funnily enough, the fate of a guitar left at the mercy of very high humidity is likely to be similar to that of one subjected to very low humidity, albeit for different reasons- it will become unplayable, then the bridge will come off, then all the joints will begin to separate and the guitar will fall apart.

The simplest and cheapest way to protect a guitar from excessively high or low humidity for shorter periods is to keep the guitar in the flight case. That's likely to keep you comfortable as well as protecting your guitar.
A guitar flight case for guitar would be sealed and with foam insert.also have a small box insert for small fitting or cable.


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