RK Dance Floor -- inspire your desire to dance!
RK Dance Floor -- inspire your desire to dance!
What makes you feel joyful or light, excited or crazy?
It must be the dance. A kind of wonderful way which can let all anxiety, unpleasant and anger go. I wondering if you also have some moments the same as following scenes.
You are a business man, but there is a deadlock in the negotiation. The other side pressing hard on you and make you depressed. And you are in a bar now, all exciting music are around and everyone is dancing, single or couple, in small groups or all together.
It will be found that you also want to join in them to release yourself and do not think anything. As you know, dancing has a recover ability that can change your mood and attitude. Then you can find another views or directions to convince the other side because of your active brain after releasing stress through dancing.
You are a writer but now you meet the bottleneck of creation. Fortunately, it's a good day. The sky is pure in blue, leaves outside are swinging with breeze, the sun is shining on you.
Everything is great and sudden you recognize the phonograph has been putting in the corner for a long time. You even did not use it after bought. Come on, just play it.
Compared with puzzling, why not dancing with a melodious music to feel the special moments of life? You should know that, all inspirations are come from daily life. Catch them when you feel them.
But for most people, they could not dance very professionally. Therefore, it is essential to put some decor in the room to inspire their desire and promote atmosphere in a comfortable way.
Especially for girls, who will refuse to dance in a beautiful room? The answer is no one. From aspect of economics, dance floor perhaps is the best choice. As a kind of decoration, which white is pure, black is cool. Simple structure, easy to set with large square. Non-slip and stable.
By the way, there is no doubt that it can upwards turn in emotion between lovers when dancing on it. Why I can say that? Because that’s my experience!
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