Portable Pipe and Drape for Wedding or Events
Pipe and drape system is versatile and amazingly effective solution for creating elegant event decoration and backdrops. Due to the simplistic setup consisting of a steel base, aluminum pipes and fabric, many people may only think of using pipe and drapes for trade shows, events and concerts. However, they are always used in many aspects.
· Backdrop for reception or head tables
· Ceremonies and performances
· Construction concealment
· Interior event design and decoration
· Media interview rooms
· Photo shoot backdrops
· Private dressing or changing areas
· Shopping mall kiosks
· Convention trade show booth displays
· And More
The advantage of pipe and drape backdrop is that they are easy to assemble, disassemble, store and transport. Different colour and style of drape has different look and feel which creates a different atmosphere. RK provides complete package on renting pipe and drape system. Please contact with us if you need this system for wedding or events.

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