Pipe and Drape of Double Circle Tent Used for Wedding
Everyone especially girls expect that they have a beautiful wedding like in dream. You can image that there are flower, champagne, music, dance floor, cakes and so on. What a romantic wedding event it is, right? In addition, you need a beautiful wedding tent in your wedding. Like this tent of pipe and drape described below.  Isn't it attractive to you?
RK New pipe and drape tent can be used for wedding, event, trade show, party, hotel, conversation decoration or partition. Outdoor application is also available. This double circle tent comes from 8 special crossbars, 4 two-slot upright pipes and matching basements. Drape – available in a host of colors and fabrics; can be accessorized with tie-back sashes.

1.Free carton
2.Carrying bag
3.Flight case
We offer popular common sizes in our pipe and drape system and we can also make them in your requirement. Our purpose is to meet any needs from our customers!

Remark: Please contact with us for specifications about calculating the length of the drapery!

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