5 Channels Rubber Cable Cover Protector Ramp 5 Way Cable Protector
Rubber Cable Cover Protector Ramp adopts high quality synthetic rubber, can be used indoors and outdoors.
Material: PVC Cover + Hard Rubber Hump 
Channel Quantities: 5
Channel Size:4 Channels 40*40mm + 1 Channels 42*18mm
Size: 770mm X 485mm X 65mm
Weight: 19kg
Working Temperature Range:-40℃ ~ +70℃
Product Description:
1) Molded from industrial rubber, tough, durable and highly reflective.
2) Available in black and yellow, the yellow part is not painted, but with yellow rubber directly comressed to the bumps.
3) Highly effective in speed reduction and cabling protection.
4) Easily being installed.
5) Contrasting colors and reflectors for high visibility both at day & night.
6) Bumps' surfaces keep grip even when being wet.
7) Easily adjusted to site conditions.
8) Highly suitable for permanent & temporary installations.
9) Suitable for HGV’s.
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