RK’s New Dance Floor of 6 * 6m White Circular Dance Floor
This circular dance floor is a special design for weddings or parties. Regular dance floors usually in square or triangle shape of black and white colors. This one is designed to give a fantastic look on occasions of weddings, events, studios or gym.
Diameter is 6 meters, consist of 5 model decks, total 32pcs with a ramp set. Decks are interlocked by hex, making the whole floor set very stable and safe.The floors can be very easy to set up and remove, so very popular in events.  
The dance floors finish are high glossy. Colors are options except white and red. If you need to do other special shapes, we are able to do it.
Our manufacturing capacity is 5000-6000pcs per month and our professional sales and R&D team are always ready to cooperate with business.
For further information, please feel free to E-mail us or call us on phone! 

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