RK’s Portable Stage of Smart Stage Version with Risers
This is the most popular model of RK portable stages. Platform sizes could be 3ft x 3ft, 4ft x 4ft, 1m x 1m, 1m x 0.5m. Platform finish could be carpet, industrial, transparent glass, and turncoat. Riser heights could be from 10cm -200cm
- Portable, strong, reusable, security, environment-friendly
- Easy to transport, assemble and storage
- Lightweight 
- Heavy loading capacity: 850kg/ sq.m 
- Can be easily installed in short time 
- Widely used in events, shows, conference, exhibition, performance etc 
Our manufacturing capacity is 5000-6000pcs per month and our professional sales and R&D team are always ready to cooperate with business.
For further information, please feel free to email us or call us ! 

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