Wholesale Protable Pipe and Drape of Event Trade Show Booth
Do you know what is the most effective ways to create your own unique environment in a exhibit hall?
After you submit your vendor application for your trade show, the next step is to start making plans for your pipe and drape trade show booth. The way your booth looks could be the difference between coming back home with a profit or barely making back your investment in the space. You also need to assure that you're making an effort to bring people into your trade show display booth if you want this event to be successful.
Buy your exhibition is also advantageous for the bottom line. When you purchase a custom exhibit, you then have a capital expenditure that will depreciate over time. However, when you find the good trade show booth supplier, you have tax advantages which can make more financial sense and save you money in the long run. Pipe and drape often used as trade show booths, in tents, in large banquet halls and on stage; pipe and drape covers up the distracting features of the less appealing wall or window behind it.
Choosing our RK manufacturer's pipe and drape system to personalize your trade show booth area. Drapes come in a variety of colors and the pole system easily to be set up. 
- 3' X 1-1/2" O.D. Standard Uprights
- 8' X 1-1/2" O.D. Standard Uprights
- 8" x 14" x 3/16" Base plate - with 2" Pin & Scrow
- 14" x 16" x 3/16" Base plate - with 2" Pin & Scrow
- 6'-8'-10' Telescopic Drape Support
- 3' high X 5' wide  Banjo Drape Panels
- 8' high X 5' wide Banjo Drape Panels
Let Us Help you to make your event perfect.
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