24 Unit Microphone Stand Case of Mic Carry Case
RK's microphone case of RKMIC24SMKII gives you the option to hold more mics up to 24 Mics.,this case is designed with extra storage space on the side,you can put your microphone cord or other parts in the side storage space. Constructed with hard black plywood, thick soft egg-crate form cover and matel ball conners, this microphone flight case is rugged enough to keep your Mics from damage of crash.You will definitely find that this is the case you are want if you still worry about your microphones' storage and transport. 
Product details:
* Type: 24 Unit Microphone flight Cases 
* Packing size: w6650mm x d396mm x h380mm 
* Packing weight: 9.5kg
* 9mm Black fireproof plywood
* RK hardware:latches,handles,aluminum edges,strong corner and universal wheels etc.
RK offer a lifetime guarantee on all custom case hardwares.
If you have any other requirements, please feel free to contact with us.
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