New Style Yellow Moving Heard Lighting Case With Black Hardwa
Attention for good news here! There is another new style moving head light flight case coming from RK’s manufacture house.This lighting case is special for it’s yellow external look and black hardware. Let’s make a short introduction about this large case.
This moving head lighting flight case is made of hard fireproof plywood and assembled with black coat covered metal hardware. It is a large flight case for hosting two moving head lights. Since we all know that LED moving head lights for performance platform are large and heavy equipment, which is not easy to transport. We need cases for hosting these lights to keep it from damage in transport. Flight case for moving head lights is made on the certain interior size, which is tough hard enough for protection of the hosting gears. Besides, there are roll wheels on the bottom, which makes this large case movable and convenient for transportation. For more specifics about this new style yellow color lighting case, please leave us your massage on our web or contact with us via phone or E-mail.
RK also provides LED moving head lighting case of other styles and sizes, custom case is available here. We promise customers life long quality guarantee and good after-sale service, please follow us on our website for more specification about our products. 

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