RK Factory Production The best quality Flight Cases
Production offices - Who needs them? Well apparently everyone from the band to the promoters, from the accountants to security and of course the production team themselves. In these cells of activity, you will find RK designs for printer cases, computer cases, laminator cases, filing cabinet cases and of course the fresh coffee jug case.

RK Factory Production The best quality  Flight Cases
Technicians Flight Cases
The most common cases found scattered around backstage and in the wings outside the equipment flight cases themselves are the technicians tool cases. Guitar tech cases, keyboard tech cases, riggers tool cases - well just about every one has a tech boxes and production flight cases . 
While we have proven standard designs usually these custom built cases are designed by the customer and built to their specification, so designs vary greatly in shape and size depending on their intended use. Those who use them normally know best! :-)

RK Factory Production The best quality  Flight Cases

RK Guarantee
We confidently offer a 10 year guarantee on all our flight cases as with over 16 years of designing flight cases we know how frustrating a damaged flight case can be on a tour. Our cases are designed to be used on a daily basis on world wide tours. Unlike other companies, we not only guarantee all our case hardware fittings but also the case construction against wear and tear - that is, after all why you buy flight cases. Our guarantee does not include abuse by children under the age of four or bad fork lift driving

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