Wheeled Mixer Flight Case For Allen & Heath PA20CP Console

This wheeled mixer flight case is designed for Allen & Heath PA20CP console fitness. The mixer case is finished using 9mm PVC and is complemented by aluminium edges. The base of the case is foamed using dense LD18 to support the console. The dense foam strips are strategically placed in the lid to limit the movement of the console during transportation and to allow space for the knobs.Custom mixer case like this is widely used in music bands.
Here is more specific about this product:
   -Dimensions: (LxWxH) 869mm * 241mm * 666mm
   -Manufactured using 9mm PVC
   - 2 Small Catches
   - 4 Handles
   - 4 Castors
   -Custom Logo Drawing
   -Aluminum Edge Reinforcing
   -Approx. weight: 23.3 Kg
As our flight case are manufactured in house, any requirment from our customer are negotiable for us. Please feel free to contact with us if there is anythig we can help you.
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