Ape Case ACHC5450 Compact Hard Case With Wheels

The Compact Hard Case from Ape Case is a reliable way to safely store and/or transport your gear. This flgiht case with wheels is slightly larger than the ACHC5400 offering you some additional storage space. With its solid aluminum frame, reinforced steel corners and ABS walls, this case is made to stand the abuse that occurs during normal travel and deliver your gear intact.
The exterior shows black panels with a handsome gray trim. The hinges are padded and also made to heavy-duty specifications. There's even a convenient keyed lock that comes with two keys. In addition, a padlock loop will accept a user-supplied TSA approved lock.Inside, the case comes with "pick and pluck" foam as well as adjustable dividers to suit whatever gear you need. The foam provides a comfortable and secure nest in which to customize your equipment into their own space. The dividers provide less cushioning but allow you to compartmentalize your gear for organizational purposes. Flight case with foam like this is popular in business  use.
-Textured black panels with gunmetal gray trim for a handsome and rugged look
-Removable reinforced shoulder strap
-Made from a combination of aluminum, steel, and ABS
-Solid aluminum alloy frame with steel corners and ABS walls
-Unique Hi-Vis yellow foam interior lets you see and locate your dark items easily
-Versatile, customizable "pick and pluck" foam interior safely houses all kinds of delicate and valuable items such as cameras, guns, electronics and more
-Interior supplied with both adjustable dividers and customizable foam
-Padded heavy-duty hinged handle
-Keyed lock with two keys
-Padlock loop for TSA (Tranportation Security Administration) approved locks
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