Info about RK Pedal Board Case
Our pedal cases allow you to keep all your pedals connected and mounted to the included slanted pedal board.
Ready to go in an instant but safely covered during transit. Includes velcro strips to attach pedals to board.

Pedal Board Case
Lightweight and durable
Adjustable effect mounting blocks 
Endless customization options
Unique cable routing channels
Removable mounting block design
We understand your relationship with your guitar and your paternal instinct to protect it. That's why we created the guitar cases.
Beefy, ATA style construction with swanky adjustable velvet lining to cradle your electric guitar in the perfect lap of luxury.
We even threw in a handy compartment for all your accessories.
All this wrapped up in a rugged ATA style road case, it's the pedal board solution you've been waiting for! Various size and colors
you can choose from Musical Instruments Cases. If you have other requirements, you can contact us or send us e-mail messages
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