Microphone Case With Pick & Fit Foam For Wireless Mics of Most Models

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This Microphone case is designed for all of the wireless microphones. High-density Pick-and-Fit poly-foam inserts give your wireless mics the flexibility to create the perfect custom space for any combination of handheld, headset or lavalier systems. Simply pick out the poly-foam Pick-and-Fit inserts and you've got the perfect personalized case for your individual wireless mic needs. Rugged ABS handle makes this wireless Microphone case portable and convenient for carrying. You can keep your microphones in the case for long time conservation without worry. 
* 2 layers of Pick-and-Fit Foam
* Heavy duty construction
* Recesseded latches and rugged handle
* Stackable ball corners
* Size: 19.1"(W) X 4.6"(H) X 19.1"(D)
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