Microphone Case With 2 Separated Storage Spaces Holds 7 Microphones and Cables

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Designed for good protection of your microphones, this good quality microphone case that holds up to 15 ball-top microphones and has large accessory storage compartment for 7 Mics, and also, it has individual storage slots in the foam for 15 microphones. This is an extremely solid wireless microphone case! Compare to any other ATA case and you'll agree that our cases are second-to-none. This new and improved item is more compact and has rounded corners. 3/8" Plywood of Black Laminate Padded, interior Storage for up to 15 Microphones, extra storage for accessories Tongue & Groove Metal Railing Ball corners and industrial Latches Spring-loaded Handle Rubber Feet all make this Microphone flight case perfect for your Mics' storage and conservation.
* 3/8" Plywood w/Black Laminate Padded
* Tongue & Groove Metal Railing Ball corners
* Size(L*W*D): 12" X 20.5" X 16" 
* Weight: 14 lbs. 
* Storage compartment: 10 x 14 x 8 inches
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