ATA Style Microphone Case For 12 Mics of 2 Storage Compartments

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This Microphone case has individual storage slots in the foam for 12 microphones. This is an extremely solid case! Compare to any other ATA flight case and you'll agree that our good quality cases are second-to-none. This new and improved item is more compact and has rounded corners. No matter where you need to take your microphones to, concerts or events, you will definitely find it necessary for your Mic's protection and storage, especially the one of special, high price or memorable. Please contact with us if you are interested in this Microphone flight case of 12 Mics.

* 3/8" Plywood w/Black Laminate
* Foam Rubber Lined Padded Interior
* Storage for up to 12 Microphones
* Removable Mic Holder Insert
* Industrial Rivets
* Industrial Twist-Lock Latch
* Heavy Duty Recessed Spring-Loaded Handle
* Tongue and Groove Aluminum Edge Trim
* 4 Rubber Feets
* 2.5" Inside Lid Space Height
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